Furniture and Furnishings Program

Furniture is heavy, difficult to transport, and requires warehousing. The need is so great, and the benefits to clients are so substantial, that IOA gladly continues to grapple with the logistics.

Interfaith works discreetly with social service agencies, helping domestic-violence victims set up new homes. When a house fire or similar disaster strikes a family, Interfaith is able to respond immediately, filling in the gaps with beds, blankets, and other household goods. Sometimes job losses or medical crises force people to abandon most of their belongings, relocate, and start over again from scratch.

In each case, IOA responds with a home visit. Though the purpose is to assess a client’s furniture needs, counselors often discover and resolve other issues in the process.

For example, before furniture is delivered, basic household utilities must be turned on. However, initiating service requires both a deposit and telephone verification from the homeowner. “My Interfaith counselor called downtown and got my water connected,” explains Stacy West. “Then, she drove all the way over here and let me use her cell phone to verify that I would be here the next day.”

West and her two children were getting by “sitting on buckets” when they heard about the program. “These are goodhearted, loving people,” she says. “They were definitely a blessing to me and I’m sure all the other people they help feel the same way.”